About Sydney Granite Benchtops

Sydney granite benchtops is located in Sydney and we have grown in the past ten years to become a highly experienced and reliable supplier and installer of stone products. We offer a complete range of services, from measuring to delivery and installation. At Sydney granite bench tops, we accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes from a whole building façade to a simple vanity; we are able to meet your needs. With over 100 different types of stone slabs and tiles, including granite, marble, travertine and reconstituted stone, we have the product that is right for you. Our main products are kitchen and vanity bench tops, but we also manufacture and install shop fronts, staircases, fireplaces, wall cladding, coffee tables and other custom furniture.
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Sydney granite bench tops has a large selection of Granite, various granite benchtop colours that are most popular are green, pink, grey, black, and white. Sydney granite bench tops is a prominent supplier and distributor of the finest granite kitchen benchtops in Sydney, as well as a skilled fabricator of engineered stone surfaces. Black mosaic, Nero magma, Autumn green and White ice, is Sydney’s most popular granite. For your granite benchtops, granite overlays are available. Without the high price tag and without sacrificing quality, this is an economical addition to your kitchen benches and countertops. With the support of one of Australia’s most dynamic stone manufacturers, you can achieve the vision you desire for your home with our exclusive green marble benchtop also.